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  1. My Favorite Hip-Hop Show

    2023-08-23 06:18:57 UTC
    This past August 11th marked the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, and in that time it’s gone from a strictly underground niche to a prominent part of mainstream music. I have a lot of fond memories with hip-hop at its center: block parties that ran into the late hours of the…

  2. Critiques I’ve Had

    2023-07-25 00:21:00 UTC
    Picture the scenario: you’ve been working on your photography, and you feel like you’re improving. At the same time, you’d like to know more about what things you’re doing well and what you aren’t. Your friends and peers like your work, but maybe you’re looking for more than “I like…

  3. A Word on Disappointment

    2023-06-26 14:37:55 UTC
    I am a big proponent of sharing both wins and losses. I get the rationale behind only ever wanting to showcase success, and only ever speaking about struggles when they are framed within a motivational narrative. There’s this idea that if you want to look attractive to peers and clients…

  4. Developing A Style

    2023-05-22 06:31:08 UTC
    Lower East Side NYC, 2015 A question that I see come up often in conversation is “how do I create my own style?” Every time I see the conversation start, it quickly gets flooded with anecdotes and well—this post will be no different. However, I want to also talk about…

  5. Thoughts on Networking

    2023-04-30 00:41:00 UTC
    An enthusiastic crowd at Terminal 5 I’m returning to blog writing, and I’d like to preface this post by saying that I am not offering advice or suggesting anything that follows this sentence is fact. I am just stating my own observations and feelings.  Concert photography has been a big…

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