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  1. Complaining Is Fine, Actually

    2024-02-12 08:00:08 UTC
    Like a lot of creative industries and niches, music photography can be challenging for a number of reasons that are unrelated to technical skill and talent. These challenges can be a lot to bear at times, especially when it feels like the only advice available to you is to “stop…

  2. How I Photograph A Show

    2024-01-15 01:07:00 UTC
    Photography has been a big part of my life since 2008, and I took my first concert photos as early as 2011, but I really consider 2014 to be the year that I started with concert photography. It was the first year that I started covering shows with a photo…

  3. 2023 Recap

    2023-12-20 07:06:00 UTC
    Another year has almost come to a close, and I wanted to take the time to acknowledge some of the progress I’ve made, as well as discuss a few plans for the future.  Japanese Breakfast at Radio City Music Hall Reneé Rapp and Lola Tung at Kings Theatre At the…

  4. Don’t Fake It

    2023-11-26 21:32:00 UTC
    Trying to make your mark in any creative space can be plagued with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, and music photography is no different. An expression that I’ve heard come up time and time again is “fake it till you make it,” and while I do think that can do…

  5. Lean Into Challenging Light

    2023-10-31 02:03:00 UTC
    Concert photography can vary so wildly, largely because concerts themselves are so varied. Every venue is different, every band is different, and every tour is different—all of those variables come into play even before you add in the factor of each photographer, their gear, their style, etc. I think that…

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