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  1. Processing Black & White Photos

    2024-06-18 00:58:05 UTC
    One of the most difficult challenges in concert photography is dealing with color. Live music performances can have strong color casts and difficult color pairings that are hard to manage. Some people convert their photos to black & white as a way to avoid dealing with color management, but it’s…

  2. About Integrity

    2024-05-14 08:31:00 UTC
    If you’ve followed this blog or my social media, I’m sure you already know that I am pretty transparent about wins and losses. I’ve discussed my thoughts on networking, complaining, and disappointment in the past. This time, I’d like to share a couple of anecdotes and talk about integrity—or lack…

  3. Why Photography?

    2024-04-26 03:49:52 UTC
    I’ve been thinking a lot about the “why” when it comes to my photography. I don’t mean in the sense that it is unclear to me, but in the sense that I feel like it’s unclear to you, the viewer.  Hudson Yards, New York City I’ve had a fascination…

  4. File Naming in Adobe Lightroom

    2024-03-31 20:53:57 UTC
    When using Lightroom to export your photos, there are a ton of options to adjust the dimensions, file format, and color space. Today, I just want to focus on the File Naming section Yvette Young, of the band Covet, performing at Brooklyn Made in 2022 By default, Lightroom will keep…

  5. Complaining Is Fine, Actually

    2024-02-12 08:00:08 UTC
    Like a lot of creative industries and niches, music photography can be challenging for a number of reasons that are unrelated to technical skill and talent. These challenges can be a lot to bear at times, especially when it feels like the only advice available to you is to “stop…

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