A man walking down a New York City street in Chinatown, confetti blowing behind him
A small street in the Financial District of NYC. Steam is billowing from chimneys placed over manholes
A woman crossing the street can be seen in the reflection of a puddle in a New York City crosswalk
A distorted image of a couple crossing a busy intersection in New York City on the Lower East Side. The reflection of the glass has warped the cars and people
A man walking under scaffolding in Brooklyn, NY. There are traffic cones on either side of him, one of which says "Don't Move"
A reflection of an apartment building, traffic light, and silhouettes of pedestrians standing in a New York City intersection
A night scene of a booth in an empty parking lot. Through the glass door of the booth, a seated man can be seen. His face is obscured
A street in Brooklyn, NY. The late afternoon sun lights a portion of the scene, with the rest in shadow. A man can be seen walking away
A landscape photo of the skyline of lower Manhattan. The World Trade Center can be seen in the middle of the photo
A view between two outdoor dining areas in New York City's Chinatown. An older woman can be seen walking, and rain droplets are covering the corrugated plastic of the outdoor area
A New York City storefront with its door open. A man can be seen standing in the doorway. He is half obstructed by the frame of the door.
A set of office windows in London. One of the windows has been swung open, and in the reflection, a woman can be seen walking down the street
The Manhattan skyline seen from Bushwick Inlet Park. Three people can be seen looking at the skyline from the remains of an old pier
The sun setting behind the Williamsburg Bridge, as seen from Domino Park. In the foreground, the park's mist feature has created fog and the silhouette of people can be seen observing the sunset
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